April 2016 Energy Newsletter: Tools to help you manage hybrid records, mergers, acquisitions and more!




APRIL 2016

1. Managing Paper & Electronic Records in the Energy Sector

energy hybrid records management webinar

Managing paper and electronic records together in the same environment is major challenge in the energy sector. This webinar is designed to help energy records managers meet the hybrid challenge: we’ll look at current trends, best practices, and a real-world solution implemented by a TAB energy client.

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2. Case Study: Managing Incoming Records from Acquisitions

Case Study: Managing Incoming Records from Acquisitions

The land records room at a leading energy firm was swamped with a series of corporate acquisitions. They needed a faster and more efficient way to on-board a high volume of incoming files. Learn how they solved the problem with a combination of records management software and best practices for document conversion and file labeling.

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3. TAB’s Acquisition and Divestitures Services

TAB’s Acquisition and Divestitures Services

Information plays a critical role in acquisitions, divestitures, and other large corporate transactions. You need to know what you’re getting (or what you’re getting rid of), and you also need access to critical information as the deal unfolds. And when the transaction is completed, information needs to be successfully incorporated into the acquiring company.

TAB can help with your records and information needs before, during, and after a corporate transaction.

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  • Webinar: Imaging Land and Well Files – Realizing the Benefits

    In this webinar, find out what you need to consider before imaging your land and well files.
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