February 2017 Energy Newsletter: Get help navigating mergers, acquisitions and divestitures






1. Project Spotlight: RM Software is the Key to Managing Acquisitions at Laramie Energy

Mergers and Acquisitions Case Study - Laramie Energy

Laramie Energy is constantly in acquisition mode, which makes life very difficult for the RIM team. This spotlight shows how TAB helped Laramie Energy develop a records management system that could quickly absorb wave after wave of new records and allow information to flow quickly to everyone who needs it.

The secret to their success was the implementation of records management software, which helped to bring the whole system together.

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2. Video: Managing Information through Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Martin Kratz Mergers and Acquisitions Video

How do you deal with the information issues such as compliance and risk, which often arise during due diligence? Get answers and insights from our recent Knowledge Exchange presentation. Martin Kratz, a lawyer and partner with Bennett Jones LLP, talks about the importance of information assets in mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on privacy law and confidentiality issues, information systems security concerns, and software license and associated data rights.

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3. Resource: Records Intake Assessment Tool

Mergers and Acquisitions Intake Assessment Tool

As a records management professional, you know that incorporating file collections—both paper and electronic–into an existing program can be difficult. So how do you make it seamless? The key is ensuring that the new records are subject to consistently applied standard RM controls. Conducting a thorough audit of each file collection is a crucial part of that. To help you, we’ve put together ten essential considerations and action steps for your file audit process.

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4. Knowledge Exchange: Get the M & A Playbook

TAB Knowledge Exchange

Do you want to learn more about our M & A resource working groups in Calgary and Denver? Would you like to receive a copy of the finished playbook, featuring best practices for processes and issues relating to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures? Email knowledge@tab.com for information.

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