July 2016: Learn how to onboard thousands of newly acquired well files



JULY 2016


1. Success Story: Onboarding 10,000+ Records From Newly Acquired Wells

Imaginea Energy Case Study

When Imaginea Energy purchased 3000 wells from Pengrowth, it acquired 10,500 files comprising 12,000 linear file inches. Learn how TAB helped Imaginea with the onboarding process while meeting the company’s three core values of Planet, People and Profit.

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2. Video: Preparing for Success When Imaging Energy Records

Energy Webinar - Imaging Land and Well Files

Imaging energy records is a great way to create operational efficiencies, but you will only realize those efficiencies if you are properly prepared for the project. This 45-minute webinar covers everything you need to know – and do – before imaging your land and well files.

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3. TAB FusionRMS 9.4: Manage Records With your Mobile Device

TAB FusionRMS Mobile Records Management Software

What happens when a co-worker signs out a well file one morning and needs to transfer that file to another colleague while still in the field? As a records manager, tracking these transfers accurately and in real time has seemed like an impossible task.

The latest release of TAB FusionRMS can help. FusionRMS 9.4 includes a brand new mobile app that allows you to instantly capture file transfers – anywhere, any time, allowing you to maintain an accurate and up-to-date chain-of-custody for your files.

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  • Webinar: Imaging Land and Well Files – Realizing the Benefits

    In this webinar, find out what you need to consider before imaging your land and well files.
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