June 2013 Energy Records Management Newsletter: 5 Steps to Better Manage Paper and Electronic Records Together

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More and more business communications and transactions are happening electronically, but paper records are still being created. How do you manage these hybrid collections so you stay in control of your information and remain competitive?

There are steps you can take and we explain them in a comprehensive document that shows how your organization can thrive in a hybrid environment. Download the White Paper and learn how to:

  • Avoid the “either or” approach to identifying your files
  • Establish central control over each record’s lifecycle
  • Identify your official records
  • Purge your non-records
  • Carefully consider your conversion options

Get your copy of Taming the two-headed beast: tips for managing paper and electronic records in the hybrid environment here.

2. Hybrid Records Management In Energy

Managing paper and electronic records in the same environment?

An inspection report written up in the field is imaged so it can be available to head office. Drawings produced in the engineering department are sent electronically to maintenance personnel at the plant. Everyone needs complete and up-to-date information—no matter where it originated or what format it is in.

But the result is a “hybrid” situation common to energy companies, especially with the increasing emphasis on electronic records, and it poses a unique set of challenges for a highly regulated industry where quick access is key.

TAB can help you manage your paper and electronic records with the right combination of tools, best practices, processes and programs.

3. Managing Energy Records is Easier and Faster with FusionRMS

Records management software should help you control the full lifecycle of all your records, both paper and electronic. TAB FusionRMS does that by helping you classify, retain, organize and access your documents, so you can maintain and secure your information in a single system.

What specifically can it help you do?

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Streamline acquisitions and divestitures
  • Capitalize on assets and discover new opportunities
  • Manage risk and successfully complete audits

That means with a simple key-word search, you would be able to find every file associated with a property you are selling.

That means you could generate a report that would be able to tell you which files were ready to be sent off-site and what records need to be pulled for a sale.

That means your operations and land departments wouldn’t have to wait around for the information they need.

For more information on how TAB FusionRMS can help with your specific records management needs, contact us.

4. Webinar: Best Practices for Managing Hybrid Records in the Energy Sector

Managing paper and electronic records together in the same environment has become a challenging reality in the energy sector. This webinar is designed to help energy records managers meet the hybrid challenge: we’ll look at current trends, best practices, and a real-world solution to hybrid records implemented by an energy client of TAB’s.

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