June 2014 Energy Newsletter: Tips for acquisitions, RM outsourcing and more



JUNE 2014




1. Mergers & Acquisitions Records Intake Assessment Tool

mergers and acquisitions intake assessment tool for the energy industry

In our last issue we shared a white paper on records management best practices for mergers and acquisitions. This month, we offer a hands-on tool to help you manage incoming records. It serves as a great checklist to help you assess the scope of incoming records, identify issues, and address any gaps during the onboarding process.


Download the assessment tool.


2. Video: Have a look inside TAB’s record centers

TAB Records Centers Video

Where do your files go when you outsource the management of your file room? Who looks after them? Find out in this tour of TAB’s record centers, which are perfectly located to support the energy sector.

Watch the video.

3. Get help from TAB with acquisitions and divestitures

At TAB we’ve been helping organizations through the acquisition and divestiture process for years, and we can help you too. We offer support for the entire end-to-end process, including:

  • Support for due diligence and risk management
  • Electronic data file rooms
  • Resourcing and timelines
  • Integration of records collections

Download the full overview.



  • Webinar: Imaging Land and Well Files – Realizing the Benefits

    In this webinar, find out what you need to consider before imaging your land and well files.
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