June 2015 Energy Records Management Newsletter: How to shave 30 percent off your records management costs



JUNE 2015

1. How to shave 30 percent off your records management costs

outsourcing records management services for the energy industry

To maximize savings within the records management department, it helps to take a holistic view. The following infographic illustrates TAB’s comprehensive four-point approach to finding savings and increasing profitability in records management. While each activity helps individually – the combined impact can be significant – especially when other sources of savings are drying up!

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2. How to cut document storage requirements by thousands of cubic feet

oil and gas records management case study - Pengrowth Corporation

Learn how Pengrowth Energy corporation used a smart document purge program to eliminate almost 7000 cubic feet of stored documents and save over $60,000 in storage equipment.

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3. Mastering metadata for greater operational efficiency

metadata in records management white paper

Metadata is a very effective way for energy companies to find medium- and long-term savings, both in terms of staffing costs and greater operational efficiencies. This white paper shows you what it takes to put metadata to use in your organization.

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4. Save with TAB’s Energy Filing Products

filing supplies for oil and gas companies

After decades helping energy companies, TAB has developed a range of filing products specifically for the energy industry. Our filing products are perfect for land files, well files, occupational health & safety and more.

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