March 2014 Energy Newsletter: Tips for managing incoming records collections



MARCH 2014

1. White Paper: Records management best practices for mergers and acquisitions

mergers and acquisitions best practices for the energy industry

The energy sector sees more mergers and acquisitions than most industries and this poses several unique challenges for records managers. This free white paper provides guidance on how to successfully onboard records acquired during a merger or corporate acquisition.

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2. Energy RM in action: managing incoming land records

For a leading energy company, the Land Records file room was always a very busy place. With up to one hundred acquisitions per year, incorporating new records was a massive challenge. Find out how this company used file tracking software and a redesigned labeling system to solve the problem.

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3. Video: how a partner can help you with mergers and acquisitions

How TAB can help you with acquisitions and divestitures

An experienced partner can make a world of difference in the successful onboarding of new records. This interview with members of our energy RM team highlights the value that an experienced partner can bring during mergers and acquisitions.

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4. Avoiding risk during mergers and acquisitions

Whether your organization is buying or selling, it is critical to know what you – or your potential acquisition – has on hand in terms of physical and electronic records. Find out how TAB can help you with this due diligence process in order to avoid risk both during and after the deal.

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  • Webinar: Imaging Land and Well Files – Realizing the Benefits

    In this webinar, find out what you need to consider before imaging your land and well files.
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