October 2014 Energy Newsletter: Tips for imaging well files and speeding up divestitures





1. Scanning your land and well files? Be prepared!

Imaging Land and Well Files Webinar

Imaging operational records is a great way to become more efficient. However, many scanning projects go off the rails due to poor planning. This webinar shows you how to properly prepare so that you receive the full benefit of document imaging.

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2. Speed up the divestiture process with an electronic data room.

Divestitures are challenging enough without a paper-based data room to slow down the process and introduce unnecessary risk. Learn how electronic data rooms can improve your divestiture process.


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3. Five business benefits of energy records management software.

Records management software has a lot to offer energy companies, including improved risk management and increased operational efficiency.

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4. Need help managing acquisitions and divestitures?

acquisition and divestiture services for oil and gas companies

TAB has helped dozens of leading energy companies improve the way they manage acquisitions and divestitures. We can support you with:

  • Due diligence and risk management
  • Electronic data file rooms
  • Resourcing and timelines
  • Integration of records collections

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