September 2015 Energy Newsletter: How virtual data rooms simplify mergers and acquisitions





1. Virtual data rooms simplify acquisitions and divestitures

virtual data room

When corporate assets trade hands, the quality and completeness of records can have a big impact on the success of the transaction.

Virtual data rooms room offer buyers and sellers access to a secure digital repository of documents related to the deal.

In this white paper, we examine how virtual data rooms help streamline the discovery phase, ensure adequate diligence and more.

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2. Due diligence services from TAB

due diligence - oil and gas records management

A lot goes into the due-diligence phase of an acquisition or divestiture.

Or at least a lot should go into it if you want to avoid the risks and snags that can compromise a deal.

TAB can help you with all aspects of the due diligence process, applying our extensive experience to ensure you don’t overlook anything.

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3. Case study: How do you handle 100 acquisitions per year?

merger and acquisition case study

Consistency is the key when onboarding new records, and this is especially true when you’re onboarding over 100 sets of new records per year.

This case study walks you through the various aspects of successfully onboarding new records – from standardization, to labeling, to records management software.

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