Assistance During Due Diligence Process

In the fiercely competitive acquisition and divestiture arena, having the right information is everything.

So whether your organization is buying or selling, it is critical to know what you have in terms of physical and electronic records inventory, and what your potential deal partner actually has as well.

How it Works

We can conduct a records inventory assessment on both sides to create a complete picture. This process will assist in:

  • Defining what both parties have
  • Determining the completeness of records
  • Evaluating how both RM systems can be integrated to put information on a common, efficient platform
  • Determining which assets are part of the sale and which aren’t
  • Identifying potential efficiencies

TAB can image these records to make them readily available and faster to analyze for potential buyers.

Mitigate the Risk

Assessing records inventory is beneficial because it helps mitigate the inherent risk of the transaction: it makes what is being sold easy to identify, facilitates an easier acquisition and integration process, and enables the buyer to ramp up quickly post-transaction and start realizing ROI.

Protect your organization—let TAB help you through the due diligence process.

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