Field Office File Audits

If you’re divesting an asset, what happens to all of the records stored at that specific facility? And how do you ensure that you are remaining compliant throughout the transfer of that asset?

The reality is that most companies simply don’t have the time or resources to properly prepare records in their field offices during a divestiture. But without knowledgeable management of this transition, the risk to either organization can be significant.

Our experienced team will conduct an onsite audit of your facility, executing these key functions:

  • Retain all proprietary information (including originally signed documents, long-term forecasting and original environmental assessments)
  • Purge all duplicate records and any documents that have reached their retention date
  • Prepare all pertinent operational documents for transfer (i.e. Construction and Maintenance, copies of environmental assessments etc.)

Keep what you need, share what you should, and dispose of the rest—protect your organization with a field office records divestment audit.

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