Integrating Records Collections

Your organization bought the land today, you need to cut rental cheques for landowners tomorrow, but the relevant information isn’t in your production accounting system. What happens then?

It is pretty simple. When you buy energy assets, they come with a large collection of records and your organization needs to quickly:

So what is the best way to do that? Typically most companies simply don’t have the resources to do this in the timeframe dictated by such a highly regulated industry.

We can help. We have years of experience in helping energy companies consolidate new records collections after the acquisition process. During the consolidation process we will:

  • Conduct an audit at the document level for every file
  • Create a clear picture of your obligations and the relevant data from every file
  • Review key points of data, validate them and enter them into your system

We can also help you successfully integrate new records by:

  • Ensuring a standard classification system and filing structure is in place
  • Working with file users to create a file standard
  • Conducting document level conversions within the file to meet that standard
  • Applying all of the above to electronic documents
  • Imaging the paper-based records and converting to electronic for efficiency
  • Training staff on the new formats and standards

Protect your organization and your investment—let TAB help you integrate new records collections.

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