Are You Ready for Imaging?

Five critical questions for records imaging project preparation

You’ve decided to image your records, now what?

The most important factor in deciding the success of your records imaging project is preparation. You must be ready. If you haven’t laid the groundwork properly, chances are your organization won’t get the full benefit of imaging.

Here’s a high level list of 5 questions you need to answer BEFORE you start your energy records imaging project:

  • How exactly will information be structured and stored once imaged?
  • What tool will be used to retrieve this information and is it appropriate for the task?
  • How do users currently retrieve information and what is the ideal end-user experience?
  • Do you have the endorsement and participation of the group that “owns” the records collection?
  • How much time will you have to contribute to this project from a quality control and management perspective?

Answering these questions will not only help your records imaging project run more smoothly, but will go a long way to ensuring the right user experience for the people who will be accessing the images.

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