Imaging Procedures and Standards

When your company undertakes an energy records imaging project, it is absolutely critical that the right procedures and standards are in place.

You need:

  • The right workflow in place to ensure that all day-forward imaging is correctly captured. This way your organization can continue the momentum of the energy records imaging project, making sure that new and existing files are incorporated into the system
  • Standards to ensure that recognized standards are applied to your imaging process so that your electronic record becomes the official record. This way you’ll be able to dispose of your paper records.

TAB Can Help

With our deep experience with records imaging projects for our energy clients, we can help you ensure you’ve got the right process and standards in place.

We start with an Imaging Readiness Assessment, and then design the right workflow for the imaging project and day-forward requirements. We’ll ensure the workflow complies with the relevant standards as well as documenting the data chain of custody.

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