Imaging Large Drawings

Drawings. Area Maps. As-Builts. Surveys. P&IDs.

Large documents are a fact of life in energy records, and they can be a challenge when it comes to your imaging project. Which large documents do you have to image? Which ones are official records? Do you have the right imaging equipment?

These questions are further complicated by the fact that for many energy companies, a lot of these large documents are already generated electronically.

What gets imaged?

We can help you make sure you image the right large documents. We’ll conduct a thorough audit, digging deeply into your collection of existing paper and electronic versions to determine if there is an official copy. If the answer is yes, then there is no need to image.

The Right Tools

Let’s face it: having to take large documents from land and well files and pull them out of the imaging production process can be difficult.

If we determine that a large document must be imaged, then our combination of specialized subject matter advisors, a great methodology and the right equipment makes this process much simpler and more efficient.

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