Taxonomies for Technical Records Collections

A new employee at the plant needs access to your shut-down procedures—fast. How do you ensure that they’ll be able to find them?

Having a standardized taxonomy in place for your technical records is a good start.

Why taxonomies?

What a standardized records taxonomy does is provide a common vocabulary that can be used by everyone for searching and indexing documents throughout the organization. The benefits are huge, including:

  • Improved access to information and enhanced collaboration regardless of knowledge level, experience or needs
  • Supports version control to ensure only the most up-to-date and accurate information is used
  • Ensures management of records is in line with creation and records retention requirements
  • Increased productivity and streamlining of business processes
  • Easy transfer of knowledge as older-generation personnel retires
  • Improved regulator reporting
  • Taxonomy development can be a stepping stone strategy for data migration

Building the Right Taxonomy

We have extensive experience in energy records management. We have the experience to create an efficient process for developing the right taxonomy for your organization. We’ll work with your team so we know exactly what your information needs are. Next we will document the business and records processes to ensure that we have a complete picture. We then take all that information and use industry best practices to design the taxonomy that is right for your daily operations.

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