Energy Records Management Software


Buying a new asset, and then turning associated leases and division orders into standardized, labeled records that can be tracked and integrated right away.

Being able to find every file associated with a property you are selling with a simple keyword search.

Generating a report that would tell you which files were ready to be sent offsite or what records need to be pulled for a sale.

Engineering and land departments not having to wait around for the information they need.

All of this is possible with TAB FusionRMS, records management software customized for the energy sector and designed to help you properly create, store and track both your paper and electronic information.

TAB FusionRMS can help you:

  • Meet compliance requirements by allowing you to perform critical tasks within minutes of an emergency, like accessing vital documents.
  • Streamline acquisitions and divestitures by quickly determining what information is required for a sale. You’ll also reduce your risk of litigation, as lost documents become a thing of the past.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by gaining instant access to the information you need to stay productive and make the right decisions—regardless of that information’s location.
  • Capitalize on assets and discover new opportunities by storing all of your information in one electronic location, making secondary evaluations of legacy oil and gas assets much easier.
  • Manage risk and successfully complete audits by ensuring that only authorized staff can retrieve and view information, protecting sensitive records and maintaining your commitment to privacy and security.
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