Moving to Electronic Records

TAB offers a proven process for moving to electronic energy records

Successful energy companies understand that getting better at accessing and sharing information is a crucial competitive difference.

This means managing your information electronically is a winning idea, hands down. But how do you get started? What do you need to do to make the transition to electronic records successful?

The reality is that the transition to electronic energy records can be a complicated process, and most organizations simply don’t have all of the right resources or experience to ensure a successful outcome. The key to success lies in making sure that the necessary framework is in place and all preparations are complete before the project starts.

TAB has the experience and expertise to help you get ready for the transition to your electronic energy records environment. We will:

  • Work with you to get a thorough understanding of how information and records are currently used/organized in your organization
  • Determine where your information currently exists and in what format
  • Get an understanding of how you would like to use and store the information in the future

We then take this data and make recommendations on what you should do, including goals, milestones and roadmaps.

Remember, when it comes to successfully managing your information electronically, being fully prepared in advance is critical, and TAB can help.

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