4 Reasons Why Energy Companies Should Outsource Their Records Management

It’s a tough time to be in the energy industry. With oil prices recently hitting six-year lows, cost-cutting is the central theme of 2015.

With the price of oil hovering around $50/barrel and no short-term relief in sight, energy companies are looking for ways to ride out the “bust” in the boom-bust cycle and save on operating expenses.

It may not seem like an obvious place to look for cost reductions, but within corporate records or information management departments there is an option to achieve significant savings. Why? Information management requires office space – sometimes a lot of it – and people to manage the records. However, there are ways to improve service to internal customers, reduce spending and mitigate risks to your organization. It’s done through outsourcing to the right partner who knows the energy industry and your business. It’s what we at TAB call Records Management as a Service (RMaaS).

When does outsourcing make sense?

Now, if cost-cutting is your corporate priority. TAB Records Centers (TRC) have a proven track record of success with energy companies that have saved up to 30% of their file room operational costs by outsourcing to TAB.

Here are four reasons why:

  1. Scalable space can change with your business needs meaning you are only using the space you need in real time.
  2. Leasing costs are reduced as active records are kept in secure, off-site facilities away from high-priced urban centers, but still within close proximity to your business.
  3. Staffing costs are reduced as experienced energy subject matter experts manage your records.
  4. A proven variable business model where resources are dedicated to your files in response to your current business needs. In other words, you only pay when we work on your files.

Given the demands for information during turbulent times of acquisition and divestiture, efficient and scalable information management is a necessary priority. As energy companies look for new ways to manage their budgets and cut costs, records management as a service (RMaaS) offers a viable solution.

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