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Why leading oil and gas producers choose outsourced energy records management services from TAB

It’s simple: records management is what we do. So if your organization is too busy or resource strapped to properly manage your records, we can help.

We handle any and all records management functions at our facilities, and they are purpose-built to do so. Learn more below or watch this video to learn about our subject matter advisors, 24/7 secure access and the other benefits of TAB’s records centers.

Outsourcing to Records Centers for Energy Companies

You can fully outsource your entire active record function to us and we’ll do it all, including:

TAB can also help your organization with:

Let us manage your oil and gas records so you can focus on your business.

  • Filing Supplies for the Energy Sector

    Manage your physical files with products customized specifically for the oil and gas industry.
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    Talk to us about physical records management services.