Are your files taking up an inordinate amount of office space? Do you have records located in individual offices that have somehow “escaped” your records retention policy?

If you answered yes, you should consider the TAB SMART program. SMART stands for Streamline, Manage, Access, Retain, and Toss. It is a great way to quickly reduce records storage costs, improve access to your information and minimize risk. The program includes the following steps:

  • Educating employees as to what is record vs. non-record material
  • Coordinating areas to accept materials that can be thrown out or recycled, centralized into a common filing area, or sent to inactive storage
  • Setting up a specific time to have all employees within a department or division participate in a cleanup of their offices and central filing areas
  • Aiding your employees in determining what material should be kept for record purposes.

The bottom line is that storage costs of unnecessary and inactive records represent a significant portion of a records management budget. TAB SMART helps you keep only essential documents, leading to lower costs for both on and off-site storage. And when your collection is streamlined this way, you improve retrieval time and access to your records.

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