Expert Solutions

Expert Solutions

Digitize paper documents

paper files

Paper is a big weight on your shoulders.


  • paper file storage has become a huge, costly line item
  • paper files make for inefficient workflows and often create production delays
  • digitization is often the way forward, but digitization projects are complex, difficult to plan, and difficult to manage successfully
hybrid records management

TAB helps eliminate your paper problems.

Let our experienced team help you digitize your energy records. We can help you:

  • make the business case for document imaging
  • develop a project plan and prepare for document imaging
  • manage and execute large-scale digitization projects, either on site, or in one of our regional scanning centers
  • develop an ongoing document imaging program
  • train staff members on how to work with electronic images
TAB near-site records center simplifies acquisition process

TAB near-site records center simplifies acquisition process

How do you incorporate an influx of active records with no space to accommodate them and no staff to service them? As one Colorado-based energy company discovered, a near-site records center provides the perfect outsourced solution.

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