Energy industry solutions

With decades of experience in the energy industry, TAB helps you save money, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk with proven strategies and solutions for managing records and information.

Manage land records

manage land records

Keep production flowing by providing secure, instant access to land records.

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save money on energy records management

Stay profitable and competitive by lowering your storage costs for inactive records.

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Digitize paper documents

digitize paper documents

Save space and improve worker efficiency by digitizing land records and other paper-based information.

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Navigate acquisitions & divestitures

navigate acquisitions and divestitures

Ensure business continuity and information security during large corporate deals.

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Migrate to digital workflows

migrate to digital files

Improve efficiency by bringing land records and other paper documents online.

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meet regulatory requirements

Meet regulatory requirements throughout the records lifecycle.

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Bill Barrett Logo, TAB energy client

“We were really impressed with the capabilities of TAB FusionRMS. What really stood out for us were the robust search function and the OCR capability.”

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Laramie Energy Logo, TAB client

“We realized that TAB FusionRMS was going to make our lives a lot easier. From the moment a new box is opened, we immediately know where things are and where they need to go.”

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Imaginea Logo, TAB client

“When Imaginea purchased 3000 wells from Pengrowth, it acquired 10,500 files comprising 12,000 linear file inches. Learn how TAB helped them with the onboarding process while meeting the company’s core values.”

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Imperial Oil Logo

“TAB’s management team and work crews are exceptional; accommodating, businesslike and creative. They were able to think on the fly and solve problems as they came up. One of TAB’s strengths is the flexibility of their methodology. They were quick to determine alternatives and identify better information management techniques without a hard sell, just good suggestions.”

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PDC Energy Logo, TAB client

“Get involved in the deal early. Liaise with your business development team, whether you are selling or acquiring assets, and ask to be connected to your counterpart in the other company involved in the deal.”

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Let’s make a deal: navigating information management in acquisitions and divestitures

Watch our panel of experts share their insights about how to achieve success and get involved early in the deal process.

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