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Products & Services


Acquisitions and divestitures

TAB has developed a complete suite of helpful acquisitions and divestitures services to help you seamlessly and successfully navigate major corporate transactions. Find out more about what TAB can do for you.
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TAB energy solutions - digitize paper documents

Capture services

TAB's capture services offers complete solutions to your document imaging needs. Learn how TAB can simplify and expedite the process of digitizing your records to help you migrate to an electronic workflow with onsite and offsite capture services.
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tab energy services - consulting


Get help from the energy records experts at TAB. Our consulting services include RIM program design, information governance, change management, onsite project support, and more. 
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electronic and physical records

Electronic records and physcial records

TAB Records Centers help you migrate to electronic records and manage your digital content. See how TAB's physical records solutions increase efficiency, save money and maintain compliance.  
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TAB FusionRMS records management software


TAB FusionRMS is a software application that optimizes energy industry operations by providing fast, secure access to land files, well files, and other key operational records. Learn what TAB can do for you today.
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tab records centers - calgary, alberta

TAB Records Center

TAB Records Center offers outsourced records management solutions for active and inactive records in convenient locations near major energy industry hubs. Find out how TAB can help you with all your recrods management needs.  
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