Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services


TAB FusionRMS is a software application that optimizes energy industry operations by providing fast, secure access to land files, well files and other key operational records.

By bringing together all of your electronic and physical energy records, FusionRMS helps you:

Streamline acquisitions & divestitures

  • user-friendly format allows buyers to quickly evaluate relevant information
  • reduce litigation risk by eliminating lost documents
  • easy, fast transfer of information after the transaction

Find information faster

  • give employees access to information any time, anywhere
  • store all electronic information in one repository
  • Google-like search capability makes finding information easy
  • search, find and share information all within a single system

Make information more valuable to employees

  • field workers can retrieve information from their mobile devices
  • facilitate secondary evaluations of legacy oil and gas assets
  • one location to search for all information across the organization

Improve governance and compliance

  • protect your assets and the information surrounding them
  • automated application of retention and classification structures
  • ensure only authorized staff can retrieve and view information
  • provide evidence of compliance through audit trail / chain-of-custody reporting functions

TAB FusionRMS is easy to deploy and use

  • operates as a standalone solution for tracking and accessing physical and electronic energy records
  • FusionRMS integrates with all existing land management systems and accounting software (OGsys, Quorom, DocVue and others)
  • enhance your existing tools by adding robust records management and search functionality from TAB FusionRMS
  • seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint®

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