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Information audits for A&D

energy information audit

Our Products and Services

Information audits for A&D

Whether you are buying or selling, get a complete and accurate picture of the information changing hands.

Audit for due diligence

Whether your organization is buying or selling, it is critical to know what information you and your potential deal partner have. TAB can help you:

  • discover exactly what information is changing hands
  • understanding what information is missing
  • determining how both RIM systems can be integrated on a common, efficient platform

Audit support for field offices

Most companies do not have the resources to properly prepare records in their field offices. We can conduct an onsite audit of field office records to ensure that you:

  • retain all proprietary information, including originally signed documents, long-term forecasting and original environmental assessments
  • purge all duplicate documents and expired records
  • prepare all pertinent operational documents for transfer, including construction and maintenance, and copies of environmental assessments

Let’s make a deal: navigating information management in acquisitions and divestitures

Watch our panel of experts share their insights about how to achieve success and get involved early in the deal process.

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