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Change management

change management in the energy industry

Our Products and Services

Change management

In an industry experiencing constant upheaval, change is the new normal. Our experienced team can help you manage that change.

Your partner in change management

As a trusted partner to the energy industry for over 20 years, we can help you adapt your records program to the changing business environment.

  • Corporate changes: Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures impact your records program and we can help you establish the right processes, policies and procedures.
  • Downsizing: Develop and implement a purge or trim program for your collection when moving to smaller office space.
  • Staff reductions: Our subject matter advisors can support your internal team or take over staff functions in an outsourced role.

Change management services

Business changes impact your information picture, and we can help you manage that impact.

  • Smooth acquisitions and divestitures: Manage and integrate new file collections, prepare files for buyers of assets.
  • Updated retention schedules: Address the legal risk associated with adding new records collections.
  • File conversions: Change physical files to a digital format for greater operational efficiencies.
  • Staff training: Ensuring that staff are adapting and continuing to “buy in” as your organization and RIM program evolves.

7 tips for rising to the change challenge

Change has always challenged and tested leaders. When the change brings new threats, as is always the case in an economic downturn, the stakes go up. With the right leadership, teams rise to the challenge and emerge stronger. Author and coach, Dan Gaynor, shares his inspiring experience helping organizations through periods of change.

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