Our Products and Services

Document capture services overview

Document capture services overview

Our Products and Services

Document capture services overview

TAB offers a complete solution for going digital with your energy records.

Physical document capture

TAB has decades of experience digitizing physical energy records, including:

  • Operational files: Imaging everything, including non-standard documents in well, surface, area, pipeline, supply chain, contract, joint interest, mineral and EHS files.
  • A&D files: Converting all information associated with the transaction, including new collections.
  • Non-standard formats: At the file or document level, we have the capability to image almost any physical document, regardless of size or format.

A complete digitization solution

Whether you need consulting services, outsourcing, project support or back file scanning, TAB will use our tested project management process to help you:

  • determine if imaging is right for your organization
  • ensure that your existing records management program is ready for imaging
  • go fully electronic, developing a full document imaging and electronic records program

Migrate to electronic workflows

TAB can help you make the transition to an electronic records environment. Our consultants will:

  • get a thorough understanding of how your information and records are currently used and organized.
  • determine where your information currently exists and in what format.
  • look ahead to understand how you will use and store the information in the future

Best practices for imaging land files

When your company undertakes an energy records imaging project, it is absolutely critical that the right procedures and standards are in place. Here’s how TAB can help.

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