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Information governance

Learn about TAB’s information governance support services, including shared drive audits, staff workshops and roadmap design.

Shared Drive Census

In order to develop a successful information management roadmap you need to know what is in your shared drives, how those documents are used, and how they are evolving. TAB’s shared-drive census service provides insights on:

  • Information management maturity: Assess your current information management practices relative to the standards and best practices employed by other organizations.
  • Document snapshot and aging: Discover forgotten, orphaned and out-of-date files to create a plan for smarter, governed filing.
  • Document growth: The census uncovers the rate of growth in document volumes, helping you estimate future needs.
  • Duplicates: Document duplication greater than 10 percent could indicate a number of potential issues, including an inefficient folder and permission model. (Join one of TAB’s workshops to learn how to avoid excessive document duplication.)
  • Employee IG Workshops

    The transition to successful information management requires employee engagement, education and input.

    TAB’s interactive workshops address four key elements:

    • A vendor-neutral look at ECM: TAB cuts through jargon to deliver unbiased information and expert advice about ECM systems.
    • Win at user adoption: Successfully manage change with hands-on access to early prototypes and a strong employee communication plan.
    • Human factor design: Take into account existing work habits and tools to maximize participation rates and ease of use.
    • Balance content channels: Examine how many different ways employees can create documents and explore ways to streamline the desktop to make content creation more predictable.

    IG Roadmap Design

    Based on the facts gathered from the census and workshops, as well as your corporate priorities, TAB delivers a comprehensive information management roadmap. The roadmap includes:

    • Situation overview: A recap of essential information from the census, as well as the workshop feedback summarized as key pain points.
    • Effort and timing forecast: A breakdown of TAB’s recommended approach, with a clear schedule and resources.
    • Industry best practices: The roadmap incorporates TAB’s extensive industry experience, ensuring that policies and other plan elements reflect the lessons learned by other organizations.
    • Stakeholder focus: TAB’s strategy follows the highly regarded IGRM framework to ensure that the needs of all information users are met.

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