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Onsite capture services

Onsite capture services

Our Products and Services

Onsite capture services

Let TAB bring our expertise, proven processes and equipment to you.

Why digitize at your own location?

Using your own facility for capture makes good business sense for energy companies.

  • Onsite means not having to invest in expensive equipment, hardware and software, as well as people and process.
  • Records do not leave your site, meaning increased security, minimal risk and reduced overall project complexity.
  • Capture at your facility means the new files can be integrated directly into your network to reach their final destination.

How onsite capture works

TAB provides the planning, tools, equipment, staffing and management before, during and after your capture project. Our process is simple:

  • full file preparation by TAB and/or your team
  • capture of paper documents into digital format
  • audit and quality control
  • fast delivery of high quality images

Imaging land and well files: realizing the benefits

Imaging operational records is a great way to become more efficient but being properly prepared is essential. Watch this 45-minute webinar and find out what you need to consider before imaging your land and well files.

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