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Physical records solutions

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Our Products and Services

Physical records solutions

TAB Records Centers offer secure storage for active and inactive physical records, as well as scalable, outsourced RIM services to help manage your physical files and documents.

Our physical records solutions help you increase efficiency, save money and maintain compliance.

Increase efficiency

  • improve access to frequently used records
  • prepare physical collections to facilitate smoother acquisitions and divestitures
  • scale as your business scales, adding personnel and services only as needed

Save money

  • minimize your storage footprint and real estate costs with offsite and near-site storage for active records
  • digitize physical records to improve access and reduce storage costs
  • organize and purge old files to save on box storage costs

Maintain compliance and minimize risk

  • improve lifecycle management with a comprehensive database of every file in your collection
  • standardize file collections and documents for greater efficiency and improved governance
  • purge documents and files you no longer need to keep
  • conduct due diligence on records collections before acquisitions and divestitures
  • create policies and procedures to minimize risk and maintain compliance

Why outsourcing to TAB records management centres makes sense for energy companies

The TAB Calgary Records Centre is a premier facility located just outside of downtown Calgary, offering active energy records solutions and inactive storage. Energy companies of all sizes use TAB’s Records Centre, saving an average of 30 percent in operating costs with our outsourced Records Management as a Service (RMaaS). See how we can help you reduce costs and streamline your information management operations. Watch this video to learn about our Subject Matter Advisors, 24/7 secure access and the other benefits of TAB’s Records Centre.

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