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Risk management for energy A&D

Risk management for energy acquisitions and divestitures

Our Products and Services

Risk management for energy A&D

Protect your corporate assets and accelerate time to ROI.

Information management

Mismanaged information can expose both parties to significant legal risk and slow the transaction. TAB manages information risk across three areas:

  • Business risk: Ensuring access to ALL required information, providing only required information, providing prospective buyers with timely and easy access.
  • Legal risk: Ensuring due diligence does not compromise existing access, providing environmental reports, documentation on operational assets, joint ventures.
  • IT risk: Ensuring data integrity, information access during the transaction and smooth information integration.

The due diligence process

TAB helps support you through the due diligence process, ensuring that you have a complete information picture. This includes:

  • conducting an assessment of all the information on both sides
  • determining what is missing and what needs to be replaced
  • understanding which assets are part of the sale and which are not

Preparing records for disposition

Keep what you need, share what you should, and dispose of the rest. TAB helps protect your organization by properly preparing for disposition.

  • gathering appropriate records from different locations
  • purging your information of all proprietary and private information
  • creating digital copies for a secure data room

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