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Records-Management-as-a-Service (RMaaS)

records management as a service - RMaaS

Our Products and Services

Records-Management-as-a-Service (RMaaS)

TAB Records-Management-as-a-Service™ unlocks the value of your information by providing easy access to paper and electronic documents in a single, secure, cloud repository.

Powered by TAB FusionRMS, our unique pay-as-you-go model helps you improve access to energy records and save money on records storage.

How it works

  • With RMaaS, you simply hand off your physical and electronic documents to TAB, and we upload them to TAB FusionRMS, the secure software engine behind the service. We take care of all required scanning and indexing.
  • Your documents are then available any time, anywhere, and from any device – including Android and iOS mobile devices. Every document is assigned permission rights, so only authorized staff have access to your secure document repository.
  • TAB FusionRMS automates the classification and retention management of your content, ensuring that you avoid legal risk and stay compliant with all recordkeeping requirements.
  • When retained physical documents are eligible for destruction, we take care of the authorized destruction and documentation for you.

Why RMaaS?

RMaaS is a unique, outsourced solution that offers a bundle of business benefits you cannot get with any other single service.

  • free your staff to work on higher value activities
  • stop wasting money to store paper records that nobody needs
  • get a secure point of access for digital and physical content
  • get total control over access to sensitive digital materials
  • avoid the compliance risks and inefficiencies of unmanaged cloud storage solutions such as box.com, Dropbox and JustCloud
  • avoid the permanent removal fees charged by offsite storage vendors
  • stay compliant with all recordkeeping requirements

And best of all, RMaaS is faster, less expensive, and more secure than managing it all yourself.

TAB near-site records center simplifies acquisition process

TAB near-site records center simplifies acquisition process

How do you incorporate an influx of active records with no space to accommodate them and no staff to service them? As one Colorado-based energy company discovered, a near-site records center provides the perfect outsourced solution.

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