Expert Solutions

Expert Solutions

Automatically identify scanned documents

Many energy companies are sitting on scanned documents that are difficult to use.

These image files often contain hundreds or thousands of individual documents, making it difficult for workers to find the document they need.

To fix the problem, energy companies have been forced into expensive and time-consuming workarounds:

  • manually separating huge image files into individual documents
  • rescanning documents individually
  • manually classifying and filing the new electronic files
AI-assisted document recognition solution

Automation is the better way

TAB’s AI-assisted document recognition solution makes it easy to identify, organize and manage your scanned content. You can use it to process existing collections of scanned content as well as newly scanned documents – in real time.

Our intelligent document recognition solution:

  • automatically recognizes and classifies documents in a scanned file
  • processes large image files as well as documents scanned individually
  • includes an adaptive AI capture engine that gets smarter and faster over time
  • is supported by energy industry experts to review and process any exceptions

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