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Expert Solutions

Navigate acquisitions & divestitures

integrating energy collections

Acquisitions & divestitures are a major challenge for energy information professionals.

Acquisitions & divestitures have become a way of life for energy companies. And they make life very difficult for energy information professionals, who are tasked with:

  • facilitating a timely due diligence process
  • onboarding and integrating new collections
  • ensuring all information is secure and accessible before, during, and after the transaction
  • minimizing risk throughout the transition process
navigate merger, acquisition or divestiture - virtual data room

TAB helps you confidently navigate a merger, acquisition or divestiture at all stages of the deal.

We help:

  • set up a virtual data room to ensure data is readily available and easy to find during the discovery and negotiation
  • facilitate the due diligence process, including file audits
  • integrate new records into existing active records collections
  • prepare records for disposition as needed

Let’s build a game plan for your upcoming corporate deal.

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