Expert Solutions

Expert Solutions

Unlock your data

Land and well files hold a wealth of helpful business information that can be used to make smarter decisions, improve performance and save money.

However, that useful information is often hidden away in paper documents and image files.

artificial intelligence data capture

TAB unlocks your data

Our AI-assisted data capture solution automates the process of extracting your valuable business information.

With our real-time process, your paper and electronic content is:

  • digitized in a useable format
  • stored in a centralized repository
  • made accessible to staff and other software systems
intelligent data capture solution

A unique solution for the energy industry

TAB is the only provider that offers a complete solution for data extraction in the energy industry.

Our intelligent data capture solution includes:

  • expert consultation on the best approach to extracting your data
  • a human-assisted, AI capture engine that gets smarter and faster over time
  • scanning of discrete data points and entire documents
  • scanning of existing collections, and ongoing capture of new documents

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